What Am I Into?


Rubber, latex, neoprene, lycra
I enjoy wearing and seeing on others most forms of skintight clothing, made of rubber, latex, neoprene or lycra. This clothing may be, for example:

  • authentic sportswear, such as wetsuits, cycling gear, running gear, athletics gear, wrestling singlets
  • fetish clothing, such as latex catsuits, surfsuits, lycra zentai suits, neoprene fetish gear
Other forms of sportswear
Some other forms of sportswear not included in the above definition also interest me. These include:

  • football gear, both American and European
  • sneakers
Motorcycling leathers
Motorcycling leathers, as a category of sportswear, are appealing to me. In general, one-piece outfits are much more hotter than two-piece outfits. While many people seem to be rather brand-loyal to their particular brand of leathers, to me the brand is rather irrelevant.
Uniforms that are realistic, authoritative and made for field use turn me on. These include:

  • military uniforms, such as those of armies and air forces of different countries
  • police uniforms
  • SWAT and special forces uniforms

Ceremonial uniforms or purely utilitarian uniforms (such as military dress uniforms or worker uniforms) are not an interest of mine.

Skinhead, scally and other clothing related to subcultures
Realistic and complete outfits related to certain fringe subcultures turn me on. These include:

  • skinhead gear (boots, braces, etc.)
  • scally gear (sneakers, trackies, hoodies)
Clothing that does not interest me

The following is a non-exhaustive list of clothing that does not interest me sexually:

  • fur, business attires, high heels, satin/silk, corsets, socks

Bondage and Forms of Restraint

Straitjackets and other medical restraints
Straitjackets, of any material (canvas, rubber, leather), are a major interest of mine. Medical restraints include bed restraints and other institutional restraints made by firms such as Segufix, Humane Restraint or Posey.
Sleepsacks, mummification and other immobilizing bondage
I enjoy total immobilization, which is easily accomplished with mummification or sleepsacks of any material.
Hoods, masks and gags
Hoods and masks are a major part of any bondage session for me. For the master, a hood provides a look of anonymity. For the sub a hood or a mask is a form of submission, and also with blindfolds and gags, deepens the isolation of the bondage.

I enjoy most hoods, masks and gags, including leather and rubber hoods, gas masks, sensory deprivation hoods, inflatable hoods, ball gags, ring gags, inflatable gags, etc.

Cuffs, chains, cages, cells

Non-immobilizing metal bondage, such as cuffs, chains and cages are a good addition to session. However, 1) bondage done solely with cuffs and chains is seldom restrictive to the point of ‘heavy’ bondage; and 2) due to the non-flexibility of most metal bondage gear, nerve and circulation damage is a considerable factor.

Chastity belts

Chastity belts are a minor interest of mine. However, due to my anatomy, most belts that do not go around the waist (including the CB models, Birdlock, cock cuffs, etc.) are not really secure on me. Belts that go around the waist generally are secure.

Long-time wearing of chastity belts outside a session is not something I have done yet.

Other interests
Suspension, stocks, genital bondage
Limits in Bondage
  • Inverted suspension

BDSM Activities


Electro is a major interest of mine. Most positively I react to the Erostek line of products, including the ET-312, ET-302 and ET-232. TENS machines and EMS machines generally are too low-power for BDSM use.

Mostly I tend to react on cock electro. Anal electro is sometimes a good addition, but alone not sufficient for a good electro session. In favourable situations, I am able to orgasm hands-free with electro.

Nipple play
I enjoy nipple play, with clamps, weights or with hands.
Anal play

I enjoy anal play in moderation with plugs or other implements.

Fisting is not something I have done yet.

Cock and ball torture

In moderation and mostly done with static tension (such as stretching with weights, clamps), I enjoy CBT.

Breath Control
Breath control is the single most dangerous and lethal activity in the BDSM scene. Most of the casualties of breath control happen during solo play, but even with someone else, BC is a potentially lethal activity.

When discussed and agreed to beforehand, I enjoy breath control based on the rebreathing principle, which means air circulation in a fashion that decreases the oxygen content and increases the carbon dioxide content in the air. Other forms of breath control, such as simple deprivation of air (e.g. by blocking the intake on a gas mask) or choking are not an interest of mine.

Pain is a multidimensional concept and hard to define as a simple list of things I am into and not into. Some activities listed as my interests are meant to cause pain, and as a byproduct of those, pain is something I am interested in. However, my pain tolerance is mediocre and excessive pain is a guaranteed way of destroying the momentum of a session.
Sex (anal/oral)
As a general rule, anal/oral sex is never obligatory in a session, and normally does not happen. I find the multitude of activities in BDSM to be far more interesting than anal/oral sex.

Without prior agreement and discussion, sex is not a part of my sessions.

Other things
  • Boot licking
  • Edging, orgasm denial/control, milking
  • Roleplay, verbal humiliation
Things I do not enjoy but many people assume I do
  • Tickling
  • Hot wax
  • Impact play with canes, crops, floggers, paddles, whips
  • Spanking or other impact play with hands
Activities in the Never category
  • chest as a target for impact play (why?)
  • urethral insertion, sounding, catheters (why?)
  • body modification and permanent marks (branding, piercing, saline injection, scarification, tattooing)
  • bestiality
  • watersports and scat, rimming, enemas
  • needles, blood, biting, scratching
  • fire, hair pulling