Frequently Asked Questions

Occasionally I get messages that are really similar to many of the other messages I receive. As there are some common answers I give to people, I decided to write them down onto this handy page that I can link to.

If you received a link to this page from me in a message, please read this page carefully, as it will safe both of us a considerable amount of time, thanks!

“I would love to play with you!”

I am always looking for new people to meet, but primarily I am looking for friends. This means people I know personally and can trust, and do things with together. Sometimes these things are playing, and sometimes they are something completely different. In most cases I don’t find random play dates that interesting.

When you start your message with how much you like my photos and videos, that’s nice, but if your purpose for contacting me is to get yourself in a session, unfortunately I have to remind you that I am not a service provider. 

In most cases, I am not looking for people purely for playing purposes

“Can I visit your playroom?”

You only visit my playroom if we are about to play. See above.

“I will be travelling in Helsinki. Can we have a coffee?”

Absolutely! I love meeting new people for coffee, regardless of age, looks, interests or submissivity percentage. Just let me know a suitable time for you.

Just remember that coffee has nothing to do with playing.

“Can I stay with you in Helsinki?”

I only accommodate people I know personally.

“Do you have any more pics/video of XYZ?”

All of my public pictures and videos are on this site, on my tumblr site, on my xtube profile, or in my twitter feed.

“Can you tell me more about your BC machine?”

All public information is on this page.

“What’s the longest someone has been in bondage? How high up was the electro?”

BDSM is not a competition. Different people have different tolerances for activities, and this does not mean you should aim to match someone else’s performance, or feel envious for people who can take more than you can. BDSM is about mutual enjoyment, and it works best when you do things at a level you are comfortable with.

“How long did that guy stay in the isolation box in that video?”

I don’t discuss the specifics of my sessions, and not all of my videos reflect reality in a linear way.

“What would you do to me?”

Refer you to this FAQ.