Help! I didn’t answer your message right away!

You reached this page because you sent me a message, and soon afterwards another message asking (or complaining) why I did not reply. Here is my standard response:

Thanks a lot for your message! While I read most messages usually immediately, I generally don’t answer messages right away. Unless your message is urgent, I batch my replies and do a whole inbox at the same time.

There are also several possibilities why I can’t reply, for example:

  • I read your message on my Android Watch in a car, while driving. I don’t want to die in a horrible accident while trying to write you a reply.
  • Your message was more complicated than expected, and deserves a longer response.
  • Your message was less than five words. Like I write in all of my profiles, I don’t generally answer messages less than five words.
  • Your message was written in a language I don’t understand.

As a polite side note, you may want to consider the following fact: in the history of the World, nothing good has ever come out of a person complaining about his Gayromeo/Recon/Fetlife messages not being answered quickly enough. I never, ever, complain about this. If I believe a person has truly forgotten a message, I will write a polite reminder a week later without any form of arrogance or passive aggressiveness. I humbly suggest you try that out as well.