Trikoot’s Milking Machine Buying Guide

Male Milking Machines (MMM) are a great addition to any well-equipped playroom. From the top’s perspective, milkers provide an easy and convenient way to provide constant, controllable stimulation. For many subs, a milking machine is a hot ride: the feelings are unique, and the mechanical nature of the machine adds fuel to any fantasy.

On the other hand, Milking Machines are expensive and their feeling is quite dependent on the sleeve fitting your penis properly: that’s why all sellers include a custom made sleeve as you buy a unit. If you have frequent visitors, it makes sense to get several sleeves in different sizes.

Venus for Men by Syb Inc. (ABCO Research Associates  / Sybian)

Previously known as Venus 2000, and manufactured by Syb Inc. (doing business as ABCO Research Associates and Sybian) the Venus for Men milking machine is a self-contained, single-tube milking machine.

Due to its design, the Venus for Men is easy to use and quick to set up. It’s almost silent in operation and will not disturb your neighbours. Receivers are made to your measurements when you order the machine: additional receivers and spare parts are readily available. Accessories are limited to nipple suckers. Unit can be used for electro play with third-party accessories.

Standard Venus Package including main unit, custom receiver made to measure, and 30” of replacement liner: 956 USD

Positive Negative
  • Self-contained system is quick to set up and use.
  • Almost silent in operation.
  • Reasonable sized, feasible to use while travelling.
  • Air flow adjustment allows for fine-tuning.
  • Limited accessories
  • Manual lubrication
  • Liners are consumable and require replacement

SeriousKit by ?

SeriousKit does not provide corporate information, nor is there any company registered under that name in the UK. Their domain name has been privately registered by proxy. SeriousKit is not a registered trademark in the UK or elsewhere in Europe. While this doesn’t necessarily imply seediness, it’s standard practise for registered companies to display their corporate identity, and/or to register any product names as trademarks.

Coming from the UK, the SeriousKit is a novel approach to milking, using a genuined, repurposed bovine milker to provide erotic fun.

SeriousKit is technically the most complex one, including two vacuum pipes: one acting similar to the Venus 2000, and another one providing direct suction to the penis. SeriousKit also includes an integrated gravitation-fed lubrication system. As it’s based on a real milker, it will also suck out any liquids from the receiver, including semen and urine. 

SeriousKit has by far the most extensive accessory collection, including different receivers for electro play, and even vacuum bags and hoods. This complexity comes with a drawback: SeriousKit will require a separate vacuum source, and quiet ones can be difficult to find. Also, carrying around both the large SeriousKit unit and a separate vacuum pump is not practical for travel purposes.

Standard kit including the main unit, a receiver and the lubrication system: 1010 USD (850 GBP, vacuum source must be acquired separately)

Positive Negative
  • Integrated lubrication system theoretically provides effortless operation.
  • Excellent selection of accessories for advanced and electro play.
  • Unit will suck liquids out of the milking tube — just like a real milker would.
  • Requires separate vacuum pump, and most consumer pumps are noisier than your sub.
  • Unit is cumbersome, and complexity makes setup and problem diagnosis more difficult.
  • Not for travel.

Robojac by Funways Marketing Group

The Robojac by Funways Marketing Group is the most affordable milker, being a single tube, single-lined sleeve unit.

Standard kit including 8ft. connection hose, one standard male massaging sleeve and lubricant: 529 USD

Positive Negative
  • Self-contained system is quick to set up and use.
  • Almost silent in operation.
  • Affordable.
  • No consumable, separate liner
  • Unit is cumbersome.

Comparison in a Nutshell

  Venus for Men SeriousKit Robojac  
Structure Self-contained single-tube unit Dual-tube bovine milker with separate vacuum source Self-contained single-tube unit  
Receiver Custom-made plastic sleeve Custom-made plastic/metal sleeve Custom-made plastic sleeve  
Lubrication No mechanism Gravity-fed lubrication system No mechanism  
Adjustments Airflow adjustment remote (remove/insert air), speed Speed Speed, suction, length  
Basic Set (in USD) 956 USD 1010 USD 529 USD  

Which machine should I buy?

The best machine for your purposes depends on your needs: all machines have advantages and drawbacks.

If you are looking for a simple, compact unit that fulfills most needs and travels easily, Venus for Men is your best choice. It’s also the most popular one, so there’s a chance your playing partner has experience with it already — or even has his own receive to fit his size.

If you are looking for experienced play, and don’t leave the playroom, SeriousKit is the best choice. The range of complicated accessories is remarkable, but the size of the unit and need for a separate vacuum pump only make SeriousKit usable in a permanent installation.

If you are on a budget, Robojac is the most affordable unit and will provide a good introduction to milking machines.