Finlandization 2008 over

Our Finlandization weekend posse consisted mostly of me and two fetish friends from Tampere. We started off our weekend on Friday, when we had a nice rubber/bondage/lycra session at my place. Yes, pictures were taken. We then headed to Hercules Nightclub for the event advertised as “an unofficial get-together party”. It turned out to be just that — a bit disappointingly. The party was in the back bar of Hercules, but it was open to everyone, guaranteeing a lot of vanilla people mingling with the fetish folk. Even so, there was a nice group of people there, with moderately low-key costumes, mostly of the leather and skinhead variety. Hercules’ excellent happy hour prices were a nice plus.

Me in black zentai, my friend as my pup.On Saturday, the weather was so awesome that it could not be wasted indoors. We headed to Lake Bodom, the biggest lake in Espoo, to do an outdoors shoot. The main beach there was totally packed with people, but having ventured a mile or so onwards, we found a nice, relatively desolate spot with a great view of the lake. Then it was time for a quick change of clothes, and soon we were doing some pretty hot pics.

Unfortunately our photo shoot location was not totally devoid of regular people passing by… my apologies to those Finns whose saturday day we shocked with our rubber, lycra and gas masks.

On Saturday evening it was finally the time for the main party at DTM. I wore a full latex catsuit, rubber collar and army boots. The party turned out to be excellent. Many people had put real effort into their wardrobe. We had down-to-the-details authentic army uniforms and even a fully-decked Imperial Stormtrooper! During the party I gave in to my exhibitionist side and took a stroll through the vanilla floor of DTM in my latex catsuit, and even popped outside to the street. Finns, like usual, gave stares of interest, but nothing more.

Props to the MSC Finland organization for pulling off a great weekend of fetish. Only one question remains… why weren’t YOU at Finlandization, and what will you wear there next year?