Eurotrip 2008 over

Just got back home last Sunday from our 9-day fetish trip across Europe. Three cities, three nights each, and action every single day. Over 700 photos taken (okay, some of they are not that good, but anyway…). Our destinations were:

Me in Spiderman Zentai, a friend in green zentai, on Munich undergroundMunich, Germany: here we got a chance to first meet with a Finnish guy on his own European tour. Some spandex fun in our hotel room ensued. Then, we went to MLC München for “Fist Night”. Awesome club. On our last night, we shocked the citizens of Munich by walking around the city centre in full zentai (pictured). I was Spiderman, and consequently everyone’s favourite, especially the children’s.

Netherlands: We had Amsterdam as our base of operations. First we visited the kind people of RSG (Rubber Sex Group) in Amsterdam for some fun in their well-equipped attic. Next day I travelled to another city to meet a fetish friend, who immediately dressed me in full leather motorcycling gear and took me for my first motorcycle ride ever. It was scary and fun at the same time.  My last day was topped by a fetish friend in Eindhoven with whom I first did an outdoors shoot, and then proceeded to Vagevuur, a fetish club in Eindhoven.

London, UK: Upon arriving, we headed to the Backstreet straight away. It was thursday, so too quiet there. On Friday I got tied up by LondonRopeTop, who is the quickest and most professional rope bondage top I’ve ever seen. Friday night was finished with a visit to The Hoist, which had the usual Fetish Friday there. On Saturday, we got the privilege to meet the world-famous AndyELycra, and also LycraSteveUK from London. On Saturday evening we gave Backstreet another chance, and yes, there were more people there.