Back from MAL 2009

Just got back today from my trip which included Dublin and Washington DC with its Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend. Although the event is primarily a leather party, there was a delightful amount of rubber, lycra and other fetishes present, especially in the excellent Gear Blast party.

The Recon party on Friday was almost empty and lame. The Reaction dance on Sunday, at the same venue, was totally the opposite: the club was packed with fetish-clad men dancing to the enticing tunes of dance music and laser lighting. What else can you ask for a Sunday night, huh?

The trip doubled as a regular tourist excursion to DC, and the culture shock of friendliness, cheap prices and fatty meals struck again. DC was a clean, efficient and compact city; the inevitable security checks everywhere was pretty much the only nuisance I can think of. We even got singled out by TSA for an extended, “secondary” screening twice while going to domestic US flights.

We didn’t have much time in Dublin for anything, save for the obligatory Jameson whiskey tour and a pub meal in the Brazen Head, which is supposed to be the oldest pub in Dublin/Ireland/something…