London Fetish Week 2013: Part 1/2

July 2013 saw the fourth ever Recon Fetish Week in London, and incidentally my fourth Fetish Week as well. As I find London a pleasant enough city to visit once a year, it is convenient to time this visit to coincide with something kinky.

Being in the city from Thursday to Monday, I got to see most of the party action, although Recon nowadays dubs the events as a full week, which it honestly really is not.

Arriving on Thursday afternoon, the first event was the Recon Welcome Drinks at the London Eagle, conveniently next door to my hotel in Vauxhall. I had never been to the Eagle before, and it was a rather nice bar with an excellent backyard outdoors area, which on this occasion even had a grill serving free food.

d6ad8aa5-48be-4ebf-bfba-6362ab1058efThe main party of Thursday was Recon’s Sportswear Cruising Party at The Hoist, to which I once again went as Spider-Man, using the loophole in the dresscode that allowed superhero costumes, though strictly speaking they are not sportswear.

As I had a session for every full day of my stay in London, the first session was on Saturday afternoon at Battersea, where I met a very interesting gentleman into army play.

On Friday evening I managed to get some shopping done at The Regulation and, taking advantage of their 20%-off-everything offer, got myself a black rubber surfsuit.

img_2430_9a145a[4]The first party of Friday was the Fetishbound party at The Underground. Fetishbound is a rather pleasant and social play event, where bondage fans come together to talk and play. I managed to do three bondage scenes there, including a full rope suspension by Tskinboot.

The second party of Friday was the Nexus all-black party, which in the original Recon brochure was advertised as being in a location near London Bridge. This proved to be old information, but luckily I was not the only person roaming the vicinity of London Bridge looking for a non-existent kinky club. After pairing up with a few other lost adventurers (easy to spot since one of them was in full rubber on the street!) we managed to take a bus to Vauxhall, where the actual party was at Hidden, the same place as last year.