Year 2013 in Review

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In 2013 I visited 18 foreign cities which are, in alphabetical order: Amsterdam, Antwerp, Berlin (three times), Chicago, Cologne, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Koblenz, London, Luxembourg, Oslo, Paris, Prague, Pärnu, San Francisco, Tallinn, Vienna, and Zürich.

I travelled for 58 nights, of which in hotels I spent 36 nights, on airplanes 2 nights, at friends 15 nights, and in apartments 5 nights.

I met 46 separate foreign persons in meaningful, private meetings. Of those there is 1 person I never want to meet again, but you do not know who you are.

Most common name among my encounters was Florian with 3 persons sharing that name.

I had 37 private sessions in foreign cities, parties and public events excluded.

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